Astral Pet Store

Chapter 18: Breeding Beast Kings

Chapter 18: Breeding Beast Kings

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Inside the Pixie Pet Store.

After the old man left, Su Ping could not wait to head to the Chaos Spirit Pool for Incubation behind the pet store, since he had just made some energy points.

“I wonder what kind of Astral Pet can be bred.”

Su Ping was filled with anticipation and nervousness. The rarer the Astral Pet coming into being was, the higher the rent would be when he leased it. This could be a source of substantial income!

The system reminded him, “[Chaos Spirit Pool for Incubation] is currently at the first level. During every breeding process, one part per one hundred million of ‘chaos aura’ can be imported. Activate?”

“Chaos aura? What is that?” Su Ping found it unfamiliar.

“Chaos aura is the most fundamental energy in the universe, the origin of everything.” The system’s explanation sounded a bit fantasy-like.

Su Ping didn’t understand it fully. He frowned. “But, isn’t it too stingy to import only one part per a hundred million of this source energy?”

“The host can upgrade the spirit pool,” the system suggested calmly.

The requirement for upgrading the spirit pool sprang to Su Ping’s mind at once, along with the effects of spirit pools at different levels.

Currently, the Chaos Spirit Pool was at the first level. A hundred energy points would be needed to upgrade it to the second level and the chaos aura that could be imported would be increased to one part per ten million. In the best of chances, the pool would give birth to Astral Pets with higher rank bloodlines!

To upgrade the Chaos Spirit Pool to the third level would demand ten thousand energy points, which would increase the percentage of chaos aura imported to one part per million. There would be a small chance that an Astral Pet with a beast king’s bloodline could be bred!

A hundred million energy points would be needed to upgrade to the fourth level, and the imported chaos aura would reach one part per one hundred thousand. There would be a bigger chance of breeding an Astral Pet with a beast king’s bloodline and a very low possibility that the Astral Pet could be even more powerful!

Following the fourth level, there was the fifth, sixth, etc. and the highest was the ninth level!

In a ninth level Chaos Spirit Pool, a large amount of chaos aura could be imported. The ancestors of the mythical beasts, the Archaean Deities, could come into being!

Su Ping was completely astonished once he reached the latter part of the introduction. Beast ancestors? Archaean Deities?

Judging by the names alone, Su Ping could tell that such beings were horrifying. Those creatures had to be more terrifying than those legendary Astral Pets in that illustrated book of feral Astral Pets. Any one of such beings could endanger the whole world!

Could such beings also be regarded as Astral Pets?

Su Ping felt light-headed the moment he saw the energy points required for an upgrade to the ninth level. He knew that this was way out of his league at the moment. To upgrade to the third level was already in the distant future.

Besides, the effects of a third level Chaos Spirit Pool were already shocking.

With merely one part per million of chaos aura, there was a chance of breeding an Astral Pet with a beast king bloodline!

What was a beast king bloodline?

That was to say that such an Astral Pet would already have the strength of a beast king!

No matter how poor the Astral Pet’s aptitude was, or how poor its level of understanding was, as soon as the Astral Pet reached adulthood, it would have the strength equivalent to a beast king. The only difference was the ranking among Beast Kings.

This did not refer to the Astral Pets that had a percentage of beast king bloodline fused in them. Such Astral Pets were, for the most part, of mixed blood and the beast king’s bloodline would only account for a small ratio. It was almost impossible for such Astral Pets to evolve into Beast Kings.

“Breeding Beast Kings...”

While he stared at this Chaotic Spirit Pool that looked like a dried-up well, his mouth felt parched and his tongue scorched. Beast Kings were creatures that could run wild across the entire land and they were extremely hard to tame. All Beast Kings were violent and cruel. If he could breed one, then he could have a skyrocketing rise!

Su Ping had finally calmed himself after a long time of excitement. At the moment, he could only use the first level of the Chaos Spirit Pool. Lucky for him, even at the first level, the Chaos Spirit Pool would have a tremendous effect. There was a small chance that an Astral Pet of the intermediate level could be brought to life!

One Astral Pet of the intermediate level would be sold at one hundred thousand coins or more at the federal establishments!

“Activate the spirit pool.” Su Ping looked at his 15.6 energy points. He made up his mind and invested the points.

-10 energy points.

The dry Chaos Spirit Pool began to absorb the energy. As such, a glow suddenly broke out. There was a trace of dark light that glimmered for an instant but then disappeared without a trace. Everything quieted down again.


Something seemed to have fallen apart.

Su Ping looked over in surprise.

From the edge of the Chaos Spirit Pool crawled out a Little Skeleton that was off-white in color and about 20 cm in height. It was lower than a human’s knee. The skeleton used great efforts to crawl out from the spirit pool. Then, it fell on the ground and shattered into pieces.

“A skeleton of the demon family?”

Su Ping was stunned speechless.

Pets of the demon family were highly popular for battle pets. They were loved by battle pet warriors because of their fierce abilities. But this Little Skeleton... was a pet of the lowest level in the demon family!

Su Ping was wishing that he could hit the jackpot and get a pet of the intermediate level on his first try. As it turned out, instead of the intermediate level, this skeleton was the lowest of the lowest level!

While he felt like weeping but had no tears, Su Ping wanted to take the chance. He cast an identification spell on the skeleton.

Little Skeleton

Property: pet of the demon family

Rank: the lower position of the first rank

Combat Strength: 1.1

Aptitude: poor

Abilities Mastered: Severed Limb Reassembly


This panel revealed information that couldn’t be more average. Su Ping felt an urge to cry.

“Ding! The host has finished the breeding quest. The host will receive a random book about battle pet warrior skills,” the system reminded him.

Su Ping came back to his senses. That was when he remembered the reward of the quest. His depressed mood turned for the better. At the very least, he could just think of the Little Skeleton as a tool for accomplishing quests.

“Where is the skill book?”

“In the host’s storage space.”

Su Ping entered his storage space to check at once. Not surprisingly, he found a skill book with a light blue color.

“‘Killing intent’, skill for elementary battle pet warriors.”

Su Ping found this surprising. It was “killing intent.” As he recalled, this seemed to be a rare battle pet warrior skill.

Generally speaking, among the skills that a battle pet warrior could master, first and foremost, there were four skills of augmentation effects: strength augmentation, blast augmentation, firmness augmentation, and perception augmentation!

The four skills of augmentation effects were essentials for all battle pet warriors!

To learn the four skills alone would take a long time. Apart from the four, the other battle pet warrior skills could have other special effects.

Take the skill book of this “killing intent” for example. This skill meant that through the power of the contract, the pet’s desire for homicide would be externalized. The pet would sink into a crazed state and become fearless. The pet would attack violently, without any fear, even when the pet had suffered serious injuries.

It could be said that this was quite an aggressive battle pet warrior skill. When dealing with some threatening pets, this skill could produce miracles.

“This appears to be a quite difficult battle pet warrior skill. Battle pet warriors below the fourth rank may not be able to learn it.” Su Ping found this surprisingly pleasant. While the breeding failed to some extent, the reward he drew was good. But he wasn’t a battle pet warrior at the moment, so he couldn’t use it yet.

Crack, crack!

At the moment, the Little Skeleton that fell by the Chaotic Spirit Pool crawled up again and was stumbling its way to Su Ping. It looked at Su Ping with its empty, dull eyes.

Su Ping forced a smile and picked up the Little Skeleton. He went to the counter and asked the system, “What is the lending rate for this Little Skeleton?”

“Pet, Little Skeleton, rent: 1 coin per hour.”

One coin...

Su Ping’s mouth twitched. This was the rental price. But if anyone would be willing to rent the Little Skeleton was yet to be seen!

After all, who would rent a Little Skeleton at the lower position of the first rank to go into battle?

Su Ping’s forced smile had yet to fade away when he heard some footsteps. In the next second, the door was smashed open by two people who dashed in.

Su Ping was stunned. He placed the Little Skeleton on the chair by the side and asked the male and female that had come in with overweening arrogance. “And you are?”

“You unscrupulous merchant, come clean and tell us, what did you add in the pet food you sold?” the young man said, glaring at Su Ping coldly.

The ones that came were none other than Fan Yujing and his younger sister Fan Xiaoyu.

They hurried over right after they got the address from their grandfather.

Su Ping frowned after a moment of astonishment. “I don’t understand what you’re saying. Besides, are you my customers? Do I even know you?”

He went through the memories of the previous owner of the body but failed to recognize the two.

“I am saying this for your good. Don’t be stubborn and reluctant to admit mistakes or defeats. Or else, you will land yourself in serious trouble!” Fan Yujing looked askance at Su Ping, continuing in a cold voice, “The food you just sold to an old man, some Scarlet Stone Fruit. What did you mix in them with?”

“Right,” Fan Xiaoyu rested her hands on her hips and chimed in arrogantly.

At the mention of the Scarlet Stone Fruit, Su Ping remembered which customer it was. He understood what was going on at once, judging by the manners of those two.

“Are you suspecting that I tampered with the pet food?” Su Ping pulled a long face. He harvested that food at the risk of his life. How could anyone question him?

All of a sudden, the system’s sound alerts sprang in his mind. The system that could always remain composed sounded quite cold, and even furious at the moment.

“Ad hoc quest: the store is being slandered for no reason. The host must prove innocence personally and demonstrate that there is nothing wrong with the pet food. The host must protect the reputation of the store against any defaming!”

“Reward if the quest is accomplished: a chance to enter any cultivation plane with an unlimited number of deaths for five days!”

“Punishment for quest failure: a 10 points deduction from the host’s grade!”


Su Ping stood in amazement.

There were ad hoc quests?

Besides, for this quest, the reward was a one time access to any cultivation plane for five days with unlimited number of deaths?

Previously, Su Ping did not cherish that opportunity presented to him and regretted it later. Surprisingly, there was another chance given to him again. This was a chance to train a low-rank pet to a pet of the highest grade easily!


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