Astral Pet Store

Chapter 30: Selecting Bones

Chapter 30: Selecting Bones

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“Focus on one skeleton first!”

Su Ping passed along his intention through the contract. Most of the time, battle pet warriors were the brains of the team and they had to make clear judgments during combat.

At this cultivation site, not only the pets were trained, Su Ping himself was benefiting from the experience.


The Lightning Rat released a Thunder Shadow Image at once. The two Lightning Rats were running toward the injured human-shaped skeleton.

While the “killing intent” could induce a crazed state in the Lightning Rat, it could still receive its master’s intention with precision.

The human-shaped skeleton was a bit surprised as it looked at the Lightning Rat coming over again, wondering how this prey could come back to life so quickly. Yet, given its simple mind, the human-shaped skeleton did not probe further into the matter. When the Lightning Rats were close, the human-shaped skeleton dashed toward one of them.


The skeleton waved its sickle-like arm.

Thunder Flash!

In that fatal moment, the Lightning Rat used the Thunder Flash, which was rare, and dodged away from this strike.

After landing, the Lightning Rat jumped up again and used the Thunder Slash to hack the skeleton.


The second human-shaped skeleton charged toward the Lightning Rat from the side. With a wave of its arm, the skeleton smashed the Lightning Rat into the ground and the latter died on the spot.


Su Ping decided in no time.

The Lightning Rat was brought back to life at once. Yet, the “killing intent” had been dismissed automatically. After a second with its mind unfocused, the first instinct that kicked in was to run away.

The two human-shaped skeletons could kill the Lightning Rat with any random attack, which made the Lightning Rat sense danger and horror.

Su Ping had to use “killing intent” again in this case.

This time, he had a clear feeling that something was being pulled out from him. The moment he used the skill, his sight was blurred and his consciousness was also foggy. He could not help but fall on his face.

“Are three skill releases the maximum I can handle? Do I have to recover by killing myself?”

Su Ping’s mind was functioning with difficulty. In his sight, several figures were mixed. He could no longer tell if they were the human-shaped skeletons or the strange trees around. Everything was shaking and he was seeing double.

Su Ping clenched his teeth. Relying on the last piece of willpower, he crawled up from the ground and dragged himself forward.

He only had one goal, to die.

He did not know how many steps he took or how long he had walked before a strong force landed on his head. He was assaulted by the sharp pain instantly.

In the next second, Su Ping’s consciousness returned to the dark space, and the options of revival popped out.

Su Ping’s consciousness that had almost dried up returned with full vitality. Su Ping chose to revive on the spot at once.

The darkness faded away and the surrounding view quickly re-emerged. He saw that the two human-shaped skeletons were bending over their bodies a few meters away, each with half of the Lightning Rat in their hands, eating.

By their feet was the shattered body of the Little Skeleton.

The sudden appearance of Su Ping shocked both of the human-shaped skeletons. They both turned around slowly.

“Revive!” “Revive!”

Su Ping brought the Lightning Rat and Little Skeleton back to life immediately.

While they were being brought back to life, Su Ping saw one of the human-shaped skeletons dashing toward him. With a body more than three meters tall, the human-shaped skeleton looked dreadful. It went without saying that Su Ping was torn apart before he could ward off the blows.


The moment the pain came over, it disappeared without a trace.

Darkness emerged. Su Ping chose to revive again. After he came back to life, he saw the two human-shaped skeletons chasing the Lightning Rat while the Little Skeleton was running after the two human-shaped skeletons; only the Little Skeleton was falling behind.

“Killing intent!”

Su Ping initiated his skill at once.

When the Lightning Rat’s battle rage was rekindled, Su Ping instructed the Lightning Rat to use Thunder Shadow Image to distract the other human-shaped skeletons with one of the Lightning Rats so that the real Lightning Rat would have the chance to launch a strike at the injured human-shaped skeleton.


“Thunder Flash!”

Su Ping was determined to make the Lightning Rat fight till the end of its life; even if it were to die again, it had to inflict a mark on the human-shaped skeleton.

Fortunately, the Lightning Rat had mastered an advanced pet skill, “Thunder Flash.” With the help of temporary teleportation, the Lightning Rat could escape from the human-shaped skeleton’s strike at a close call. The Lightning Rat would dash to the other side of the human-shaped skeleton and cause harm to it.

Su Ping brought the Lightning Rat back to life again and again. After two rounds of “killing intent”, Su Ping asked the Lightning Rat to lure the human-shaped skeleton to him in the fight. After the Lightning Rat died again, Su Ping used the “killing intent” for the third time, and in the meantime, he also tried his hand against the human-shaped skeleton as well.

A cycle of life and death was repeated over and over.

After a long time, Su Ping realized that he was no longer as tired as before after the third application of “killing intent.” He could manage to see the surroundings and his body seemed to be adjusting with repeated exhaustion.


An arm of the human-shaped skeleton was torn off. The dark, foul air was thinning down until there were only a few strands left.

The human-shaped skeleton tore apart the Lightning Rat and used a strand of the dark, foul air to reset the broken arm that had fallen to the ground.


After seven or eight times of revival, the Lightning Rat had finally exhausted the dark, foul air in this human-shaped skeleton. After another strike of Thunder Slash that cut off the human-shaped skeleton’s head, the human-shaped skeleton fell apart all of a sudden, falling to the ground and lying still permanently.

“Is it dead...?” Su Ping looked at the remains on the ground. He was relieved and at the same time, pleasantly surprised.

The Lightning Rat had cut off the limbs and the head of the human-shaped skeleton and even hacked its remains into pieces, but the human-shaped skeleton could use its dark, foul air to recover its body. It was practically immortal.

Su Ping would have given up on killing the two human-shaped skeletons if it weren’t for the fact that he had noticed the effects of the Lightning Rat’s thunder: it could contain the human-shaped skeleton and each time, the lightning and thunder power could reduce the dark, foul air.

Having successfully dealt with one human-shaped skeleton, Su Ping could see the dawn of victory. He instructed the Lightning Rat to attack the other one at once.

Right at that moment...

Su Ping suddenly sensed a desire coming from the Little Skeleton. He looked over with surprise. Unknowingly, the Little Skeleton had moved near the scattered remains of a human-shaped skeleton. The Little Skeleton was bending over and checking the remains.

“Do you want to eat it?”

Su Ping was taken aback by this idea.

He then remembered that pets of the demon family would evolve by catching and feeding off of their kindred, and skeletons were no exception to this. They mainly progressed by eating their peer’s remains.

The other way was to suck the power of the undead!

“Go ahead.”

Su Ping gave his permission and was looking forward to seeing the result.

With Su Ping’s approval, the Little Skeleton began to look through the scattered remains and bones. The Little Skeleton picked up several ribs and then threw them away after checking. Later, the Little Skeleton picked up another piece of bone that looked like a finger. The Little Skeleton observed it for a while and then, all of a sudden, pulled one of its own ribs out and stuffed this finger bone back in to take the place of the original rib.

The size of the finger bone was similar to its original rib.

After the replacement, some dark energy surged from the Little Skeleton. That finger bone was set with a clipping sound. The bone fit smoothly and had become a new part of the Little Skeleton.



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